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        About Huafeng

        Zhejiang Huafeng new material Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise R & D, production, sales and service of new pipe material. Founded in 1998, the company is headquartered in Fuyang Hangzhou, covering an area of about 140000square meters with registered capital of 62 million yuan. After more than 20 years of development, Huafeng has gradually grown into a new pipe manufacturer and service provider of rainwater and sewage pipe network solution with great influence in China.


        One of the largest professional production bases of underground direct buried pipes in China, one of the top 100 enterprises in China's plastics industry


        It has 3 internationally advanced production lines for continuous winding FRP pipes, with an annual output of 35,000 tons of continuous winding FRP pipes;


        It has a provincial-level technology research and development center and a dedicated laboratory.


        "Zhejiang Famous Brand Product, National High-tech Enterprise" and other honorary titles

        Quality and Service


        "First-class products, first-class services, perfect innovation, customer satisfaction", to provide customers with high-quality products and services on time……




        Light Rail Project HPVC Case

        Basic case of Shanghai World Expo

        Beijing Olympic Bird's Nest Basic Case

        Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Case

        Highway case

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        24 Hours Order Execution
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